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InterNevod Banners Network

Virtual office
Principle of Competence on Peter: to avoid mistakes, it is necessary to obtain experience; to obtain experience, it is necessary to make mistakes.

  1. Access to paid services and services demanding registration.
  2. Labour exchange
  3. Informational fax-system
  4. Settlement (billing) system of the site
  5. Virtual offices
  6. Requirements to the basic functional sections of the complex (including the billing system).
  7. Calendar


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Requirements to the office system About the office
Registration in the billing system Registration
Confirmation of the registration in the billing system Confirmation
Guide on work in the billing system Guide
Forgot the password for the billing system Forgot the password
Price-list on the services of the complexPrice-list
Requirements to the billing system Billing
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Banners system 100x100100x100

Virtual cards

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